Chelsea Soccer School FB Ads Update

So one of the bigger projects over the past couple of weeks was working on getting new customers for Chelsea Soccer School through targeting parents of 3-5 year old kids on Facebook.

The idea is pretty simple. We’ll offer them a free trial, then directly after the class, we’ll go and sell them on the course. The hope is maybe half the people will end up being customers, and so create a win-win situation where CSSHK gets new customers and I get practice (+ a case study about how this all went down).

Although the idea itself sounds simple, there was actually quite a good amount of work that needed to go into it. While in the long run I see myself doing FB Ad agency work for the most part, with this project I also had to act as a consultant and actually make some of my own improvements. In a way that’s cool too because I might have to do similar upgrades for other clients.

With CSSHK, there ended up being two things that I had to do for them: creating a funnel and then driving traffic to the funnel. Creating the funnel was actually quite an interesting process because there were so many little decisions that I had to make including:

  • What scheduling software to use?
  • What contact information collection software to use? (Clickfunnels, leadpages or other?)
  • Should I even collect contact info…or just have leads schedule immediately?
  • What kind of emails (or even FB messages?) would I use to contact them?

This is the first time I built a sales funnel for somebody else, and I gotta say it was pretty satisfying seeing the whole thing come together. I ended up going with a combination of FB lead ads, Mailchimp (via Zapier) and Acuity Scheduling  which seems to have worked out quite well so far!

Then the next part was driving traffic to the funnel, which involved a whole different set of decisions including:

  • Who should I target?
  • What kind of ad should I use?
  • What language to use?
  • What kind of budget should I go with?

Going through this was a pretty interesting experience as well. What I ended up doing was going with 4 ad sets: two in Chinese, two in English — each at $5 daily budgets as lead ads and so far we’ve gotten some pretty reasonable results as per the images below!



As you can see from the two images above, we’ve spent about $52 to get 110 leads, of which we’ve collected 40 (+2 in May) appointments. I’m hoping to improve the lead to sign up rate a bit by adding a second follow up email to remind people to sign their kid up for the free trial, but so far the results have been very promising!

Going forward, I’m going to ask Ben if he’s willing to open up a few more free trial slots for this age group, or even other age groups, and hopefully we can up the ad spend a little bit too.

I’ll post more results on this next week, but definitely pleased at how well this project is going!!

Weekly Update March 12th


A little bit late, but did actually write these! So just posting up now…

Priority 1: Secondary Income

General Assembly

What I’ve Done

So the big thing was doing the presentation with Simon and asking him for a job. There’s honestly not too much to say here I think; I wrote the email and then will have to see how he responds — if it actually does happen, then I’ll actually have to figure out how I wanna get the work done lol.

What I’ll Do

Nothing. Just will wait for a response and see how things go from there.

Chelsea Soccer School

What I’ve Done

I think I’ve done most of the heavy lifting here, the most important thing was getting Ben and the Chelsea Soccer School team to buy into the project. It seems like they’re quite enthusiastic about the idea, and I’m hopeful that things will go well here.

With the scheduling software 90% set up and figuring out how to connect Facebook Lead Ads with Zapier, I’m quite looking forward to seeing how things will be done here, so hopefully I’ll be able to help them bring in some good results!

What I’ll Do

Basically I’ll just need to input information and then upload the ad to see how it performs.

I’d Hike That

What I’ve Done

So the big thing that I’ve done is that I’ve run the contest and honestly the results are very encouraging. If I can keep similar open rates going even for cold traffic, then I think that I’ll have a very interesting business on my hands (that if I choose to replicate with other niches, can be quite successful).

What I’ll Do

Couple of things:

  • Launch contest to all my Page Likers
  • Call Jessica and see if she’s open to receiving a bunch of hiking gear + take a photo of the result

Priority 2:  Learning

Messenger Bot Course

What I’ve Done

I’ve done part of the homework, but in this case I want to slow down and make sure that I do this right.

If I’m going to use this page as a bot selling service, then I really need to have a standout bot experience.

As of right now, I’m trying to do too much with my bot sequences. In a way I just want there to be two sequences (and you can only be part of one), for newbies who don’t understand anything about marketing/sales.

Then for people who understand stuff about marketing and sales.

From there after people go through one or two of these sequences, I can sell them on me doing it for them.

It has to be simple and idiot-proof and right now that’s very much not the case.

I’ve seen some of the other bots in the course and it’s not all that promising, so if I can find a way to outline my ideas and do this right, I might be able to win myself a trip to SFO and get to talk one-on-one with Andrew!!

What I’ll Do

  • Sit down and outline the ENTIRE thing
    • Goal of Bot/who’s coming to use it
    • The customer journey that they’ll go through
    • Add value by showing them exactly how it’s done
  • Sitting down and doing the work!!

Social Media Masterclass by Ben Malol

What I’ve Done

I bought the course.

What I’ll Do

Want to take a bit of time to check out the FB Ad agency part of the course, that’s probably what’s most important to me right now, so I want to go down that direction.

Other Stuff — Note Taking

The first week went really well for this but since last week it hasn’t gone all that well.

There are soo many books where I want to take more notes and really think through the entire journey, but I guess this will just have to happen when I get back onto a regular schedule.

Priority 3: Meeting other Entrepreneurs

Jumpstart Magazine

What I’ve Done

So last week I got introduced to the founder of Jumpstart magazine, and things went well here, I should be able to start working on this interview this week!

What I’ll Do

  • I need to set up a meeting with Anita Chan to discuss the article and how they would like to proceed
  • Do the interview

Timeout Magazine

What I’ve Done

I reached out to the former Timeout editor, Matt Fleming and got a much better understanding of what Timeout is about and that it likely isn’t the right fit for what I want to do.

I would much prefer to do in-depth articles and whatnot, whereas Time Out’s approach is much more about bringing in something novel/newsworthy.

What I’ll Do

I just need to reply him and say that this likely isn’t the right project for me now and that’ll be it.

Priority 4: Asset Building


There’s not too much to say here. Articles, wise I should be able to get things wrapped up relatively


Not too much to add here either.

Decisions, Decisions

This past week has had a few ups and downs, first with the Upwork issue, the moodiness that came after it and then my reflection of the future…

And it’s lead to a few potential conclusions on the future.

While I won’t say that these are set in stone, they are things to consider in the longer term.

I’ve said for quite a while now that I’ve had two dreams before I turn 30:

  • To become really good at something that will earn me money (marketing)
  • To live in a few foreign countries and learn their language

The reality is that these are two separate dreams that while aren’t mutually exclusive, the don’t have a lot of overlap, and it relates a little bit to my difficulties this week.

When the Upwork thing happened, it closed down one avenue for me; an avenue that would have allowed me to live in a foreign country with income.

What happened after the Upwork thing happened, was that I felt quite frustrated and it triggered a sense of melancholy. This melancholy made me feel quite alone and made me think a bit more about what I wanted life to be like.

At the beginning of the year (or maybe since I’ve come back to Hong Kong) I talked about how I wanted to have a more balanced life, meet more people who are into entrepreneurship and whatnot, but it hasn’t really happened in the 6 months or so that I’ve been here.

In a sense, I’ve been lazy. I haven’t really put my heart into doing it, and I’ve always given myself excuses for not prioritizing this.

But here’s one of my biggest concerns about leaving Hong Kong. It’s that if I can’t even reach out to the entrepreneurship community in Hong Kong, what makes me think that I’ll be able to do it when I’m abroad?

Beyond that, I have a support system here that I don’t have elsewhere when things go bad. What would I do when I go through down moments?

These are a couple of questions that have bounced around in my head in the past week, and in some ways made me realize that I have to  almost “conquer” Hong Kong to go anywhere else.

Because wherever I go, I’ll want to work with local  businesses, meet other entrepreneurs etc. but if I can’t even do that here, then moving abroad isn’t going to help.

A lot of times I blame Hong Kong for not having the right people, culture etc.

But to be honest, it’s there (albeit probably not all that great of an entrepreneurial community), but I’m just not hungry enough to get it.

In a lot of ways for me, leaving Hong Kong now would be like running away. Hiding.

Like what I did in NYC, in Paris, in Guam.

And I want it to end.

I want to be the person who can reach out and make things happen regardless of my circumstances, to be less reactive and more proactive.

The more I think about it, the more I find that I’ll feel bad about leaving HK without giving it the proper effort it deserves.

So with that in the back of my mind, I’ll need to think about how I want to make things happen in Hong Kong. Only if I do that, can I know for sure that I’ll be able to do it elsewhere as well.



Entrepreneurship and Emotions

Alright this might admittedly just be me, but since a couple days ago when I found out I was kicked out of Upwork I haven’t been in the best mood and have had a relatively negative mindset.

Don’t get me wrong getting locked out of Upwork is a HUGE blow and I should feel annoying/bad at myself, but how shit I felt went a little bit too far. It was a little bit like towards the tail end of last year when I started questioning “what am I doing with my life?”, “is this all there is everyday?” etc.

In general I would imagine that my line of work involves more ups and downs than most people, but not to the point where I feel as shit about myself as I have done in the last two days. I need to get a hold of my negative spirals when they happen. They’re just not healthy and I can’t let them happen at every small little issue.

With that said, I do still need a bit more balance in my life and I think more importantly, I need to have a few more people involved in my life.  In some ways, the questions are really legitimate because things haven’t changed all that much from last year to this year, just the nature of my work is better now (and hopefully eventually more lucrative too).

With that said, the work is supposed to allow me to do more higher leverage things, and one of those things is getting the opportunity to meet and understand new people.

I recently had the opportunity to do that with a couple of GA alumni and the conversations on both ends went great, but I should have at the very least sent them “thank you” texts and wished them well.

Even as my third priority, this is something that in the past couple of weeks I’ve let slipped a bit, so hopefully I can get better at this again going forward.

Arrogance, Stupidity and Regret

So as I alluded to in one of my earlier blog posts, I had gone onto Upwork and awarded myself my first job which I thought would be a clever way of getting a review.

Until of course I managed to get myself caught and permanently banned from the site.

Looking back, if I was going to do this, I should’ve at least done it at more of a distance and given more time/opportunity for things to occur so that no red flags would come of it. I was too lazy to “do it right” if I was going to do it at all, so in the future if I’m going to break a rule or two it better had be done all the way.

What I regret most though is the mindset that I can do/get away with anything. That mindset has helped before when it meant I would be able to push forward and get work done, but at the same time it also means that I feel like rules don’t apply to me.

In this case, the rules did apply to me, and not only did I not get a second chance, the opportunity to work on Upwork is now completely gone. Having looked at other freelancing sites…honestly nothing even comes close.

Which brings another point to mind, I have to consider the potential consequences of my actions before I take them. In this case, I didn’t even know that they would give me a lifetime ban.

All in all, I wish I hadn’t done anything. I could just have kept on applying for jobs and eventually one would’ve landed and things would’ve been fine. It was a stupid move on my part and definitely a lesson to leran for the future.

Weekly Update: March 5th

What I’ve Done

Priority 1: Secondary Income

General Assembly

I’ve finished editing the article here thanks to Azhie, and should have the other one done by next week, so should be able to wrap up the “free” part of this project soon.

Chelsea Soccer School

I met with Dad, Ben and Sue today about potentially working with CSSHK to get them more students.

As it turns out in the past few months they’ve lost a good 70+ students which is almost 10%, a lot by any measure and it’s been a pretty big concern of dad’s and the reality is they need more revenue to cover their expenses.

After talking to dad a lot about some of my new ideas/projects, he connected the dots and said that CSSHK needed my kind of service and that there was definitely good potential to work together and for both of us to win.

Originally I wasn’t that hot about this opportunity because I was more focused on improving my ability with autoresponders and earning money that way, but somehow timing was right and I saw that Ben Malol (a Facebook ads guru) was hosting a webinar about how to use FB Ads to collect leads and generate value for local businesses.

I’ll discuss the specifics of how I’ll generate value for CSSHK below in “What I Learned”, but suffice it to say that running FB ads for small businesses is definitely a way to generate another income (and quite profitably too). There’s definitely value that I can provide for CSSHK that will pay for my services many times over.

It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out, but definitely exciting.


I got paid for my first job here!

A mighty $5.50 ($4.40 when you take away the fee haha) but we all gotta start somewhere and this work in a way also contributes to priority 3 and 4. So while I won’t take any more jobs like this, it’s good for my confidence, for my Upwork track record and my long term portfolio.

Beyond that, I took a bit more time to understand the kind of jobs that are available on Upwork where I feel like I could excel, and it turns out there are a lot of opportunities for email autoresponder work without a lot of demand!

I’ve taken the time to find the right way of organizing my job feeds, so after going thru a few more applications when I have time, I’m confident I’ll be able to land a few more high quality jobs.

I’d Hike That

I managed to write out one more email here, but the bigger thing is almost getting the entire thing onto a email management system. I’ve got one or two more to get onto Mailchimp, but once I get this going, it’ll be really interesting to see how I can connect everything together with Vyper + Facebook Ads and see if this can actually make money.

Priority 2: What I’ve Learned

FB Agency Webinar by Ben Malol

I think this was a huge value adder because FB Ads are a skill set that I already have + understand well (even if I don’t have crazy good results for this yet) and that I can provide value to others.

More importantly though, I can see exactly how I’ll provide that value by explaining how the cost buying leads and doing something for free (for certain clients/companies) is completely outweighed by the LTV of the customers who actually end up staying.

Watching this webinar provided me with the bones of how I can do a presentation for convincing people of the value I can provide to them and in CSSHK’s case, allowed me to show how they could earn up to $3.5 million just from 100 students (which if it costs even $1,000 to acquire a student for a total for $100,000 — is totally worth it).

I believe in the long run helping businesses with a good product multiply their sales/value thru marketing is how I want to add value to this world. Generating leads is a big part of that, so even though this means I’ve ended up with a bigger workload than I hoped, I think it’ll be worth it in the long run.

Freelance to Win by Danny Marguelis

I just can’t seem to get the time to stay on top of this, but the part that I did manage to pay attention to this for actually went down pretty well. I think that what he has to say on proposals/positioning with the profile will make a big difference for Upwork, but in the bigger picture will make a difference when I actually set up a full consulting site and everything.

The only regret is that I can’t stay as on top of this as I would like, but there are unfortunately just other priorities right now that might lead to better opportunities, so I’d rather go in that direction for now.

I’ll work on this as I can.

Messenger Bot Course by Andrew Warner/Mixergy

Now I have to say that this was really cool and there’s definitely a lot of potential here with this course.

Again I wish I could put more time in for this and properly network/connect with some of the other entrepreneurs and Tam/Andrew, but even just the content on this course has been pretty incredible.

There’s so much potential with connecting with customers/clients with this method of communicating that I honestly can’t wait to learn everything here and help other people do it.

I’m glad I got week 1 done, but hopefully can stay on top of this as the weeks go by and do Week 2 just as well.

Learning Summary

Beyond the above I also managed to finish “The Boron Letters” and that was a gem of a book!

One day I definitely want to write a series of letters to my own son and teach him as much as I can. Hopefully by that time I’ll have things worth teaching but as soon as I’m done notetaking for “Deep Work”, I’ll write start notetaking for “The Boron Letters.”

Priority 3: Meeting Other Entrepreneurs

Givo (Building up portfolio to apply for positions like TimeOut)

I got this done, and just need to revise it!

Honestly on Jodie’s part she might have to release this as a 3 part series and hopefully dad enjoys it as well, but it was cool to get this story down.

I’ll say the most exciting part about all of this is by end of next week I’ll have the following for my portfolio:

  • Autoresponder Sequences
    • TheDesk
    • I’d Hike That
  • Writing
    • GA Case study 1
    • GA Case stud y2
    • Startup Mindset AirBnB article
    • Givo CSSHK article

With the above I should have a good amount of flexibility in terms of written work that I’ve done and hopefully will be able to apply for other writing jobs (long term, in person or on Upwork) as needed!

TheDesk (Getting to know previous TimeOut editors)

I still don’t know what’s going to come of this, but I’m glad I did get to meet Matt and Kingsley.

It’ll be cool to see if they can actually implement the autoresponder sequence and hopefully I’ll get to meet them one or two more times so that I can properly ask Matt to refer me to Timeout.

Neville (Potentially adding value thru managing his FB ads + asking him for a reference)

I don’t think this is going to happen unfortunately…not really getting a response out of him.

I’ll follow up once or twice more, but ah well it was a bit of a long shot anyway.

What I’ll Do

Priority 1: Generating Secondary Income

I’d Hike That

I admittedly didn’t write any more emails, but given I have 9+1 and that covers almost 40 days, I think that’s OK.

The more important thing right now is LAUNCHING THIS.

So I would like to:

  • Finish uploading the autoresponder sequence
  • Set up
  • Run my first test with just my existing email list

From there I can probably start running weekly contests to my liker’s on FB + broadcasting my message to new audience members.

It should be a lot easier to get emails compared to purchases, so definitely looking forward to see how this will work out!

Chelsea Soccer School HK

The next steps for this will be interesting, but I think the first thing will be outlining an email to Ben/Raymond/Sue about the next steps.

This email by itself will take a while, and beyond that I’ll have to figure out:

  • The Facebook Ad Strategy
  • How to use Clickfunnels
  • What scheduling software do I want to use

General Assembly

Unfortunately can only do the interview today and write up the case study this week, so hopefully this goes well.


At this point I have too much other work that I can’t apply for Upwork jobs at this moment.

Priority 2: Improving my Skills

Messenger Bot Course by Andrew Warner/Mixergy

There’s not too much that I feel like I can talk about here, just need to continue doing the weekly work, and hopefully have a nice little portfolio going for when I eventually start selling this as a service.

With that said, I do need to figure out the weekly calls/recordings though.

Freelance to Win Course by Danny Margulies

I’ll do my best to stay on top of this, but need to reply Danny Marguelis.

Priority 3: Networking

Neville Medhora

I’ll follow up here two more times and start replying to all of Neville’s posts, but that will probably be it.


Need to revise this and then send it to Jodie!


Nothing for this week

A little bit of patience

Today is March which is pretty surreal, that’s two months since the beginning of the year when I started this journey of discovering what the ideal career for me is, and to be honest, I’m not sure I have a ton to show for it.

I’ve taken, dropped and completed a few courses here and there. This week I’ve finally got a few portfolio pieces between the GA case study, Startup Mindset and by the end of the week, the Chelsea Foundation article for Givo.

In terms of getting paid for things, revenue wise I’ll technically have brought in $5.50 by the end of this week. Of course I should probably consider the following as well:

  • Freelance to Win: $800
  • Messenger Bot Course: $2000
  • Kopywriting Kourse: $397
  • General Assembly Digital Marketing: $1250

That’s a pretty hefty amount of money to have spent and I haven’t really brought in too many results yet, but I am optimistic.

In the coming month, a few things will happen:

  • Propose a contract with General Assembly
  • Run my first viral contest + test out the autoresponder for IHT
  • Get paid on Upwork + hopefully net in a few more high paying jobs
  • Run Facebook Ads for Chelsea Foundation

So will all of the above, there’s quite a bit of potential for things to happen.

Beyond that, I have a couple of long shot ideas as well including:

  • Contact Neville about running FB ads for him or asking him to refer me to AppSumo
  • Proposing to teach a class or two with General Assembly (If I can succeed with Freelancing, Email Marketing or Messenger Marketing)
  • Proposing to write for TimeOut

So even though maybe there hasn’t been a ton of results yet, I think by the end of next month, hopefully I’ll have a couple of things to show for my efforts!